How to drink Pukpun juice ?

Don’t swallow Pukpun juice right after drinking. The correct way to drink the juice is to chew about 10 times before swallowing it. While chewing it, enzymes in your saliva mix with the juice and start the pre-digestion of nutrients in your mouth before the juice goes down to your stomach.
This also helps to stimulate your body to be prepared to break down the juice which is on the way down to next digestive systems.
You should drink Pukpun juice slowly by sipping it. By doing this, organic substances from plants will be absorbed at maximum.

  1. Drink between meals or as meal replacement.
  2. Chew 10 times before swallowing.
  3. The best is to use your sense of taste to perceive each flavor of ingredients while drinking.

What is the difference between blending with a high speed blender and juicing with a low speed juicer?

By blending with a high speed blender, we get fibers. But the juice cannot last longer than 6 hours. While juicing with a low speed juicer, we don’t get any fiber. But enzymes are all preserved. That’s why Pukpun has designed a new way of blending, which is called Hi-Low Blending. We blend and juice various vegetables and fruits with both high speed blender and low speed juicer. This is quite complicated but the result is great because important enzymes are well preserved. We’d been testing and drinking it at home until we’ve got this best easy edible recipe to serve you.

Can we drink Pukpun juice as meal replacement?

Yes, you can. But if you still feel hungry, just takes about 30 minutes for digestion before starting a meal.

How long we can keep the juice?

Not longer than 6 hours. The best way is to drink immediately when you receive it.

Can we add water in the juice?

If you feel that the juice is too dense, you can add water to ease your drinking. But you still have to chew it anyway.

After drinking, our body will be cooled down or not? Will it cause flatulence?

No, the juice will not cool down your body as we use both heaty and cooling ingredients. Moreover, we add herbs such as black pepper, ginger and cinnamon, depending on recipe of each day.

Do you always use the same fruits and vegetables each day?

We have key ingredients like carrots, tomatoes, beetroots and celeries. And we add different fruits and vegetables which are in season. 
Nature determines season of fruits and vegetables appropriately in accordance with temperature. So we choose ingredients following this nature’s determination.

Can we choose only fruits and vegetables we like?

After blending, fruits and vegetables normally become one single flavor. You will be able to drink it, even there are some kinds of fruits and vegetables you don’t like. It is highly recommended to drink the juice as it is.
However, if you have an allergy or really cannot eat some kinds of fruits and vegetables, you can inform us by indicating it on an application form. We will select appropriate ingredients for you.

Does drinking the juice make us fat?

With fixed quantity and the correct way of drinking, Pukpun juice will not make you fat. The juice contains 40-50% fruits, 30-50% spices and 5-10% cereals.
Consuming Pukpun juice by drinking, digesting and absorbing slowly, organic substances from plants will not only support our body functions, but also improve our metabolism.

Is it necessary to drink the juice continuously for 21 days?

It is recommended to drink it continuously as much as possible. However, it is not an obligatory. For the day you do not drink the juice, you can replace it by eating fruits and vegetables or salad. The most important thing is to always have a clear mind. Stress is much more dangerous for you than any other toxins.
Let’s drink Pukpun juice consciously and happily.

Can we drink it for weight loss?

If you would like to take it as a weight-loss program, let’s discuss it together. If you follow our instructions strictly, you will be able to lose weight. Anyway, by drinking a large glass of Pukpun juice continuously over a long period of time and by respecting our instructions, your body and mind will be set right. We guarantee that this will help you maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

How to cancel daily delivery?

Please let us know 2 days in advance if you would like to cancel our daily delivery. In urgent cases, you can inform us at latest before 15:00 of the day before. If not, we will deliver the juice normally.
Please understand that to deliver good-quality juice to our members, we need to make weekly plan for every process (ingredients preparation, riders’ schedule, delivery routes etc.). However, in any case of emergency, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to discuss with you.

Exchanging jars instead of using disposable packages.

Pukpun is a green business. We try to reduce waste as much as possible by applying jar-return system.
Members have to wash jars by themselves and return to us to get a new jar of Pukpun juice on the next day. With this cooperation, we can be a good example to help reduce waste which is a cause of global warming. Let’s save the environment for future generations!

What should we do if we forget to return a jar?

If it is not convenient for you to return a jar every day, you can buy as many jars as you want and pay an extra jar-carrying cost of 10 THB/jar for each return.
If you forget to return a jar, for the first time we will help to remind you to return it. For the second jar, we need to ask you for jar-carrying cost of 10 THB per jar. For the third one, we will deliver Pukpun juice to you in a plastic bag instead.

How do you calculate the cost of delivery by cyclists?

We calculate according to distance and density of members.
Short distance 0-7 kilometers = 30 THB
Medium distance 7-10 kilometers = 40 THB
Long distance 10-15 kilometers = 50 THB
This also depends on density of members in each area and riders’ routes.
As we use bicycle riders to deliver Pukpun juice to you, there may be an extra cost of jar-carrying for some cases.
For example, if we deliver 2 jars to one place, there is an extra charge of 10 THB for one jar. This is because riders cannot carry jars as many as by motorbike or by car.

What time does Pukpun juice arrive?

Our riders leaves Pukpun shop at 9:00 and starts to deliver the juice along the way. All jars should be handed to all members within 12:00.
In case of emergency, members will receive a notice in advance.

Who are Pukpun riders?

Pukpun riders are those who loves cycling. They are kind, gentle and highly competent. They are, for example, a student, a professional musician, a designer, an SME business owner, an engineer, a psychologist etc.
To become a part of Pukpun riders team, they have to pass through many stages such as an interview, a personal data record, tests regarding their sense of directions and their ability to solve unexpected problems.
We have about 60 riders working alternately to deliver Pukpun juice at a time when is convenient for them. They not only use their time wisely but also have volunteer spirit to help other people.